13 Year-Old Entrepreneur Creates Passive Income

by Kelvin Davis

In one of my articles, I’ve shared with you the story of my 13 year-old nephew, Kai, and his passion for business. Now Kai is with me, his dad Chris and Marisa here in the Philippines, to expand his knowledge in business and learn from our marketing team.

Kai wanted to create a passive income. He already knows that generating income without him physically working for it means creating his own asset. While still attending school, he already has four soft drink vending machines, his business turnover and cash flow. His lessons started a few years ago and has progressed until he is now creating his virtual business.

Greymouse wanted to help Kai achieve his dream. Greymouse is now sponsoring Kai by providing specialist resources of our copywriter, graphic designer, analytics specialist and web site programmer so he can design whatever skills he wants during his time in the Philippines.

Kai left Australia four days ago not knowing what the end result would be. It is in essence a big leap of faith for a boy of his age. His parents permitted him to not attend school. Instead, he is attending the real world of technology and a life changing process of business marketing school.

After spending just a few hours, Kai is now spending time with William (a graphics designer) while working on his dream. I will keep you all posted on Kai’s progress and how he is creating his own business.