After The Business Training – My Realizations

by Kelvin Davis

Just to let you know that the training idea I developed a few years ago was delivered, and now I AM TOTALLY STUFFED! The concept of physical training, following the chapters of the books I wrote and the process worked!

It was a full on three days, with five people that attended the event.  The larger number decreased with lots of reasons that they could not travel. But some did! So we have captured lots of feedback for the next training in 2016.

In the training we actually changed their mindsets and took them on a wealth creation journey, similar to what Marisa and I followed, PLUS created each person their own business. The businesses are live right now.

DIY Buddy –


Fiji Jams –

Amore Blooms –

Global Cloud Solutions –

Within 12 hours of putting these up (live) the team already has hits and leads (for DIY Buddy). PLUS the jam site has order / info / sample requests even without the correct contact phone detail. I guess the business owner is in the kitchen right now creating her mom’s jam again (from local organic fruit). The smile on her face when orders came in was priceless.

Only one of the attendees had an idea for their business when they arrived, the others had no idea. It was all extracted from their personal skills, and created within the program with their own wishes and desires.

They are now business owners in 3 days!

Marisa did not see the program or content but attended the last session to see the final result, she was STUNNED!!! They all want the course to continue again, so they can send others to attend. That is a strong endorsement for this “entrepreneur’s boot camp”.

The world now has 5 excited and switched on businesses owners!!

My lessons – I am glad for the reduced number – we could not have handled a large number of people. The event created landing pages, ebooks, analytics, logo design, brand, 12 months advertisement plans, financial training, cash flow training, and copywriting in a few days and it was very hard to achieve. Mindset training was critical to the event, PLUS 7 virtual team members making their “dream idea” a “reality” while they were learning the complementary skills.

I was told and given feedback:

  • I am very intense, (but do not change) as their mind expanded massively over each day
  • They could not sleep at night – mind spinning with realisations (truths that I exposed)
  • Shock and awe at some of the tests and results, a wakeup call to change their lives
  • Discovery that yes they can do it themselves
  • Soooooooo grateful for the massive value given to them
  • A slight change to the training topic order but almost perfect content. (Same as the book designs)
  • The marketing team were amazing – from a heading or topic they created magic that worked
  • Realisation that the attendees do NOT need to do the task themselves, the team can do it for them, from start to finish. ONLY strategic activities were deployed and used in the training room – implementation and testing was outsourced to the team (To do it and bring back results)
  • ALL were in early for training, they could not wait for the next day
  • Homework work was difficult, but made everyone think and prepare
  • 3 days is just long enough (not 4 days)
  • “Gobsmacked” at what they are walking away with, leads already and a going business and product
  • Realisation that it is now up to them, but want to keep in touch
  • Excited to refer to other people to the training
  • I have changed their lives – and said thank you from the heart

I also realised that I could only do a maximum of 2 of these training sessions per year (a lot of work). I am just so happy the idea from 2-3 years ago worked. We will have a limit of 10 people for this next event and it will be held in Fiji again.

I’m scheduling the next Business Mastermind Training on the 7th, 8th and 9th July 2016, with improvements learnt from this event. Hoping to have you there next time.