About us

We are in the business of educating business owners who are dissatisfied with their current money, lifestyle and wealth. We believe there is more to life than just earning a living. We offer a marked route that can accelerate you towards business success and wealth.

Our Workshops

We host workshops that share the lessons we have learned about business freedom and wealth creation. Our workshops give aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners the tools to create wealth while giving them more time to enjoy the good life.

Our Books

We have published books that can help business owners navigate the road towards success. The books are written as a three-part series that takes the reader into a journey from self-discovery to leveraging wealth to one’s enjoyment. “The Secret Road to Wealth”, “The Secret Keys to Business Wealth”, and “Accelerating Your Wealth” are must-read books for people who want to live their dreams.

Our Video Training

We have video training materials that provide relevant, practical and tested financial advice. We produce these videos with the goal of simplifying wealth education. Get tips, dig deeper into good financial practices, and get ideas about investing


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Hi, I am Kelvin Davis, wealth educator and author.

I produce education materials, and conduct workshops that provide business owners an accurate road-map towards financial freedom.

Unlike traditional financial planning, my approach teaches the freedom lifestyle. This allows entrepreneurs to do whatever they want without worrying about “earning” their income.

Being a recipient of coaching myself, I understand the importance of financial literacy. This is what fuels Business Freedom Lifestyle.

Let’s grow in business together!