The 13 Year-Old Entrepreneur Is Building His Business

by Kelvin Davis

Kai takes a break from building his business and book writing. Playing games is his pastime so he is back into Gmod.

Kai is a Geek and has the joys and challenges of any geek, including communicating with girls. So he is  creating a physical book, virtual book, t-shirts, products and business all around helping geeks like himself communicate with girls.

This is his business logo and brand:

What did he achieve in three days?

  1. First book draft (Kai’s words and stories)
  2. Business Logo
  3. Book cover design
  4. T-shirts
  5. Mouse pad
  6. Stickers

The basic foundations of the business model is now under construction. His website is on the way.

Remember that Kai is 13 years old, still a student in middle school. William, Ismael, Leslie, Julie, Shobna and the rest of the team in Greymouse helps Kai take his ideas into reality. I believe this education will be a life-changing experience for him, showing him that possibilities for someone like him is endless.

If a 13 year-old boy can do this in just a few days, what is stopping anyone else from doing the same thing? Just consider what is possible.