13 Year-Old Entrepreneur

by Kelvin Davis

In the Business Freedom Lifestyle training course in Fiji, I shared the story of my 13 year old nephew who saved his pocket money at the age of 9 and put that towards buying Nintendo and Wii games and consoles. Instead of keeping these, he then packed up the different parts to make box sets, and sold them back to the market. He started to make money in the process of buying and selling the games to invest in something bigger.

When he had enough saved up, he then purchased a softdrink vending machine and placed it into a builder’s office. All the workers came in, bought the cold soft drinks giving him a cash flow and profit from the cans he bought at the grocery store. Fast forward a few years and at the age of 13 he is preparing to buy his fourth vending machine, all owned outright (no loan). The task of refilling the machines became boring so he outsourced refilling the machine to his younger brother.

Thirteen years old is not old enough to “get a job”, but old enough to employ a person learning the lessons of employment, delegation and cash flow. He is earning income without it being tied to his time or physical work. Money comes in while he is sitting attending school.

Conforming at the school’s slow pace of learning, with boring topics and limited opportunity is drain

The Future

Early 2016 he is coming with me to our Philippines office to work one-on-one with the Greymouse specialists. He will also be exposed to the full spectrum of skills learning what is possible in this global world. Graphic design team, web site specialists, programmer’s quality controls, accounting, copywriters and the management will share their skills and experience. Instead of a school teacher, he will have his mind stimulated by so many specialists all with complementary but different skills.

With coaching, he is the next generation of entrepreneurs just like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Bill gates, thinking differently and like most entrepreneurs totally bored at school. It is the same as when I went to school all those years ago. I remember the comments “I just don’t fit in”.

Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerburg – may have dropped out of school, but they share this unstoppable curiosity and self-direction. He has the same drive, and soon opportunity to explore ideas and push new boundaries will open for him.

Business Freedom Lifestyle, Greymouse and Redlanch Business Park are sponsoring his entrepreneurial education and journey into discovery of the magical world of business and globalisation. Sponsorship of other travel costs is still open so you can also share in this young person’s development. Just respond to this email for details.

When he returns to school, I wonder how the teacher will cope. It would not surprise me if he will have more money (as passive income) more than his teacher’s wage.

It will be exciting to see what this young person’s mind will create as he works with a team of highly trained professionals.