Gaining Inspiration From Our Latest Rich Dad Company Visit

by Kelvin Davis

Marisa and I had the pleasure of visiting the Rich Dad Company office in Scottsdale Arizona, USA two weeks ago.

I started following Robert and Kim Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad teachings in 2000. Since then, I have learned and adopted their philosophy, structure and principles in much of what I do personally and in business.  Standing in the board room, where broadcasts are created is both inspirational and humbling. The office is not extravagant by any means. It has a simple well laid-out design that delivers on its purpose to “elevate the financial well-being of humanity” without spending a fortune on locations, views and luxuries. The office, like the Rich Dad brand, is all about serving by helping others through education. The office is not about making money, being flashy or showing off.

Robert’s office is clean, organised and nowadays rarely visited by Robert himself. Instead of requiring Robert and Kim to be in the office, the team runs the business with experts like Kathy (Manager) through to Bob (customer service) and feels like that the company is on autopilot. I like the freedom model that they created where Robert and Kim can live the life that they choose without having to work in any of their businesses. Bob guided Marisa and I through the office, showing the journey that the Rich Dad company went on through the years. Like many other special visitors that Bob spoke to, Marisa and I are now asked to share what we learned on our journey to a whole new generation of entrepreneurs. Bob shared that our personal growth will now come from giving. “By helping others achieve their goals,” we will grow personally. That instruction excited us and reinforced my goal of sharing our story with as many as possible. Spending time with Bob helped set new scary targets (I am being honest) but I’m willing to take the risk.

While visiting the USA, I was intrigued by the fact that the teachings of Robert and Kim are much better known internationally than within the local Scottsdale and Phoenix regions within Arizona. The local population does not appear to appreciate the local expertise right on their doorstep. By comparison, almost all of the international business people that I spoke to have read at least one of the Rich Dad books or heard of them.

It reminded me of the challenge that many business owners face in their local markets. Often it takes international recognition of their achievements before they become a home grown success.

Thank you to the Rich Dad team for the training, education and support that they have provided to the world, helping millions on their journey to reach freedom.