Global Best Sourcing

A tech-company must have for maximising profits and eliminating stress

by Kelvin Davis

Technology business owners are now faced with difficult choices where the cost of local labour, and compliance costs outweigh returns.

Kelvin shares the 9 years of global outsourcing experience delivering resources to the Technology industry vertical.
You will discover the insider secrets behind

  • Partner Selection
  • Confidentiality
  • Reliability, dependability how to check
  • Time or Fixed Price, what works and does not.
  • Communications
  • Opening Hours
  • No Competition
  • Ops, Discovered!
  • Qualifications alone?
  • How do I Profit?

Different countries provide the best resources for different tasks. Do not be stuck to one location, provider or idea. It is your world make the most of it.

This is a one flight book written so you can absorb the critical information within one short plane flight. It is sharp, to the point and without frills. After all if you are in business your time is important, so let’s use it wisely.

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